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International Conference on Advances in Applied Mathematics
Dec 16, 2013 to Dec 19, 2013

Location : Hammamet

The Tunisian Association of Applied Mathematics and Industrial organizes its first conference in Applied Mathematics "ICAAM 2013."

The purpose of this conference is to highlight some of the major theoretical advances and applications in the fields of:


·          Spectral Theory

·          Operator Theory

·          Optimization

·          Numerical Analysis

·          Partial and Ordinary Differential Equations

·          Probability and Statistics

·          Control Theory

·          Dynamical Systems

·          Nonlinear Systems and Matrix


This is a MIMS sponsored event.

Organizing Commitee:
Association tunisienne des mathematiques appliquees et industrielles


Pietro Aiena Univ. Palermo (Italy), Mouez Dimessi Univ. Bordeaux (France), Smail Djebali E.N.S. Kouba (Algeria), Nicolas Forcadel Univ. Paris Dauphine (France), Jacques Giacomoni Univ. Pau (France), Bernard Helffer Univ. Paris Sud (France), Khalid Jbilou Univ. Calais (France), Fuad Kittaneh Univ. Jordan (Jordan), Stéphane Labbé Univ. J. F. Grenoble (France), Mohamed Masmoudi Univ. Toulouse (France), Frantisek Matus Univ. Prague (Czech republic), Vuk Milisic Univ. Paris 13 (France), Régis Monneau ENPC, CERMICS, Paris (France), Hatem Najar Univ. Monastir (Tunisia), Zuhair Nashed Univ. Central Florida (USA), Bopeng Rao Univ. Strasbourg (France), Claire Valentin Univ. C. Bernard (France), Jean-Claude Vivalda (France).

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Dec 16, 2013 to Dec 19, 2013

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