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Journées Mathématiques et cours spécialisé Nader Masmoudi
Jul 11, 2014 to Jul 12, 2014

Location : Faculté des Sciences de Tunis

Inviscid Damping and Landau damping
Abstract : 
We will discuss recent joint work with Jacob Bedrossian about  the inviscid damping in  the 2D Euler equation.  We prove the global asymptotic stability of shear flows close to planar Couette flow in the 2D incompressible Euler equations.  Specifically, given an initial perturbation of the Couette flow which is small in a suitable sense, we show that the velocity converges strongly in L2 to another shear flow which is not far from Couette. This strong convergence is usually referred to as "inviscid damping" and is roughly analogous to Landau damping in the Vlasov-Poisson system. 
We  discuss a new  (and simpler)  proof of the Landau damping (joint work with Jacob Bedrossian and Clement Mouhot). 
We will also discuss some other extensions to the Navier-Stokes system with small  viscosity and make a link with the theory of turbulence. 

Organizing Commitee:
Mohamed Majdoub, Slim Tayachi, Mohamed BenAyed


Nader Masmoudi (Courant Institute, USA)

M. Zerzeri (Paris 13), Tej-eddine Ghoul (Courant) et Slim Tayachi (FST, Tunisie)

LIEU: Salle des Séminaires no. 3, Faculté des Sciences de Tunis.

Vendredi 11 Juillet 2014

9H-10H: M. Zerzeri (Paris 13)

10H-11H: Mini-Cours Nader Masmoudi

11H-12H: T. Ghoul (Courant Institute, US)

Titre: Asmptotics for the equivariant harmonic map hear flow in higher dimensions.

Samedi 12 Juillet 2014

9H30-11H: Mini-Cours Nader Masmoudi

11H10-12H: S. Tayachi (FST, Tunisie)

Titre: The Cauchy problem for the one-dimensional quadratic fractional heat equation.

List of participants to this conference
Jul 11, 2014 to Jul 12, 2014

Participant Institution
Byrame Ben Slimene IPEIN
Amel Chouichi Faculté des Sciences des Tunis
Meriem Ezzoug Faculté des Sciences de Monastir
Emna Hamraoui FSM
Mohamed Ali Jendoubi IPEST
sadok kallel AUS
sondes khabthani FST
Mohamed Majdoub Faculté des Sciences de Tunis
Imen Manoubi FSM
Nader Masmoudi Courant Institute
Maher Moakher ENIT-LAMSIN
Sarah Otsmane Faculty of Sciences of Tunis
Slim Tayachi Faculté des Sciences de Tunis
lazhar TAYEB FST
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