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NATEG Days 2014
Jul 31, 2014 to Sep 02, 2014

Location : Centre Jamoussi, Sfax

Interactive breakout sessions will take place during the second day of NATEG DAYS’14. These sessions are meant to be very interactive and hands-on, with one or two “instructors” moderating the session and with participation from a small group of students (~25-30/group). Students will be asked to register for one session per day during their registration for the event on the website. A given breakout session can be offered more than once to different groups of students.  

The organizer(s) of each session define the subject of the session and act as mentors to the students guiding them, in an interactive fashion, through typical problem solving steps. The organizer(s) are encouraged to draw on their own experience in defining the subject and formulating the problem and then guiding the students to a solution. For example, one can use a patent that (s)he obtained, or knows well, as a case study to (i) pose the problem, (ii) see what the students propose as solutions and (iii) lead them in their thinking to reach the patented solution or help them identify where they may be going wrong. Alternatively one can use other innovative industrial processes or technological solutions/products for the case study to highlight the underlining problems and how innovative solutions came about to address it. Finally, one can think of open questions to stimulate the students, see their reaction and give them feedback on the feasibility of their ideas and the potential pitfalls. It is important to avoid a lecture-style discussion and draw students to propose ideas

Organizing Commitee:
Nateg (Ammar Kouki, Ahmed Khabir)



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Jul 31, 2014 to Sep 02, 2014

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