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ICMS-AMS joint conference
Apr 02, 2015 to Apr 05, 2015

Location : American University of Sharjah

This is the second major iInternational Conference in Mathematics in Statistics to be held at the American University of Sharjah (AUS). The previous ICMS conference was held in 2010.

This year's ICMS is AMS and MIMS sponsored.

The main objective of the conference is to offer a forum for researchers and scientists working in all fields of mathematics and statistics from both academia and industry to come together, exchange research ideas and discuss recent developments in mathematical research. The conference promotes interaction between AUS faculty and other researchers from the region and worldwide.

The conference will be held at the American University of Sharjah campus.

The conference program will include special sessions in the following areas:

  • Algebras and coalgebras
  • Commutative Algebra and Its applications
  • Designs, Codes and Graphs
  • Machine learning in data mining
  • Mathematical Applications in biology and medicine
  • Number theory
  • Topology

Special issues of two journals: Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics (PROMS), and Palestine Journal of Mathematics (PJM), will be dedicated to the conference.

Registration Deadline: February 15, 2015                            

Organizing Commitee:
Hana Suleiman (Chairman), Ayman Badawi, Dmitry Efimov, Faruk Uygul, James Griffin, Sadok Kallel (MIMS), Edward Saff (AMS representative)

Scientific Commitee:
John Burns, Gunnar Carlsson, Carl Cowen, Robert Elliot, Marco Fontana, Benoit Fresse, Valerian Gavrilov, li Hadi, Willaim Hager, Mark Joshi, James Lepowski, PHilip Maini, Irfan Siap, Said Sidki

American Mathematical Society, American University of Sharjah, MIMS


  • Prof. Gunnar Carlsson, Stanford University, USA  
  • Prof. Samad Hedayat, University of Illinois at Chicago, USA
  • Prof. Edriss Titi, Texas A&M University, USA
  • Prof. Richard A. Brualdi, Emeritus, UW Madison

Topics to be covered include, but are not limited to:
 Applied Mathematics
 Differential Equations
 Discrete Mathematics
 Financial Mathematics
 Mathematics Education
 Number Theory
 Numerical Analysis
 Probability Theory
 Machine Learning and Data Mining
 Mathematical Biology
 Topology and Geometry

List of participants to this conference
Apr 02, 2015 to Apr 05, 2015

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