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Sierpenski carpet project
Feb 01, 2016 to Mar 01, 2016

Location : high schools in Tunisia

The Sierpenski Carpet Project is a project of the Topology Group "Juegos Topologicos" of the University of Almeria, headed by Jose-Luis Rodriguez. MIMS is a partner in Tunisia.

The Sierpinski Carpet Project is a nonprofit, collective and joint activity among children, from 3 to 99 years old, around the world. The idea is have students in schools around the world build a giant geometric fractal, known as Sierpinski Carpet, with coloured squared stickers. Click on Program for a detailed description of the project.

The Sierpinski Carpet Project originated in the project “Juegos y joyas fractales” (fractal games and jewelry) was presented in Science on Stage 2014, held in October 3rd to 5th, in CosmoCaixa, Barcelona, winning the 1st prize in Mathematics.

More on the Mathematics behind the Sierpenski project HERE.

PICTURES OF THE FIRST TUNISIA CARPET PROJECT, taken at the Ecole Jean Jacques Rousseau are available HERE,

Organizing Commitee:
Director: José L. Rodríguez, University of Almería. Co-director: David Crespo Casteleiro, High School responsible. (Ph D student, University of Almería, IES Ciudad de Dalías, Almería) e-Twinning coordinator: Dolores Jiménez Cárdenas, Primary School San Fernando, Almería.

Scientific Commitee:
Sonia Ghorbal, Sadok Kallel, Ines Saihi



  • To introduce the concept of fractal through a classic example as it is the Sierpinski carpet.
  • To familiarize the student with its construction, based on the self-similarity.
  • To develop the manual and visual work.
  • To encourage interchange of knowledgment and experiences between the participants of the project, in the social networks, as well as in e-Twinning.
  • To highlight the cooperative work, and positive interdependence, as a way of getting a sizeable construction.

See didactical values of the project.

Who can participate in this activity?

All schools in the world, hospital schools, cultural associations, individual people, dissable children and adults, etc…

What does each center?

  1. Each participating center builds the 4th iteration of the Sierpinski carpet, with 64 children and 64 stickers each, 4096 stickers in total. This material and the templates are included in the registration fee.
  2. (optional) Coordinate with other 7 schools (or classrooms of the same school) to mount the 5th iteration in a public local exhibition.
  3. Work in the classroom some supplementary activities and make other activities related to fractals.
  4. Promote interaction of students by sending (coded) messages, greetings, maths contents, etc. (written behind the carpets), and then send pictures through Facebook, e-twinning, etc.
  5. Send the carpet to the closest ambassador*, by ordinary mail when required, for public exhibition of bigger iterations, and at the end of the project to Almería (Spain). See address below.
  6. Fill the “Evaluation form” of the project.

(*) The ambassador is in charge of organizing the mountage of the big carpet in a public exhibition, divulge the event in the local media, etc.

Instructions to build the 4th iteration

After filing the registration form, and follow the payment instructions, please follow the following steps:

STEP 1: Preparation of the material

The responsible for the activity receives 4096 stickers and 2 templates and makes:

  1. 32 copies of the template type P (purple corners);
  2. 32 copies of the template type G (green corners).

Download templates. Be sure that the side of the square is exactly 18 cm after printed.

STEP 2: Every child makes the 2nd iteration.

Every child gets one copy of these templates (type P or G), together with 32 purple stickers and 32 green stickers and makes one the following 2nd iterations:


For the 4th iteration we need 32 filled templates with purple corners, and 32 with green corners.

STEP 3: 8 children can form the 3rd iterationn

Each group of 8 children makes the 3rd iteration as shown in the next pictures. The rule is that two squares together must be of different colours.


Position before gluing the 3rd iteration with purple corners.

2014-09-03 13.55.00

3rd iteration with purple corners. Students make 4 of these copies with purple corners + 4 copies with green corners.

STEP 4: Construction of the 4th iteration

8 copies of the 3rd iteration give the 4th iteration of the Sierpinski carpet. You can mount it over the floor, a big table, or over a wall using blu-tack (or similar).

According to the assigned number (see LIST OF PARTICIPANTS), the center chooses one of the two carpets (although this does not matter now with the new instructions):

  1. if odd, follow the model with purple corners;
  2. if even, the model with green corners.
    6. EVEN-MODEL-modelo de alfombra con número par con esquinas verdes

QUICK GUIDE shows how to mount and disassemble the carpet in order to send it by ordinary mail.

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Feb 01, 2016 to Mar 01, 2016

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